Gas Diffusers

Chambergard™ Fast Vent Diffusers reduce particles and vent times in load lock and transfer chambers. By combining the flow characteristics of a diffuser with a high-efficiency filter, Chambergard™ Fast Vent Diffusers increase efficiency and throughput.

  • Increase system throughput by minimizing load lock vent cycle time
  • Provides rapid venting without disturbing or adding particles to wafers
  • Combines flow characteristics of a diffuser with a high-efficiency filter to increase efficiency and throughput

Product Specifications:

Materials: Diffuser element: Patented, sintered nickel membrane filter
Housing: 316L stainless steel
Surface finish internal: ≤32 μin Ra
Performance: Downstream cleanliness: Cleanliness less than 0.03 particles/liter (<1 particle/ft3) greater than 0.01 μm at rated flow
Removal rating: ≥0.003 μm
Reliability: 100,000 cycle reliability at maximum rated inlet pressure at 25°C (77°F)
Datasheet: Chambergard™ Fast Vent Diffusers - PDF
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