Privacy policy

Policy for treatment of personal data at FAB Support AB

1.    Introduction
According to the new data privacy law a person’s right to integrity is stressed which is something that we at FAB Support (hereinafter FAB) are very concerned to protect.
Naturally it is of outmost importance to us that you can feel safe in your interactions with FAB and that your personal data are not shared with unauthorized people or misused. This policy is continuously updated.

2.    Data stored
FAB collects data mainly through face to face meetings, calls, expos or through our online contact form.
The data that can be subject of collection are:
•    Name
•    Address
•    Telephone number
•    E-mail address
•    User name (alias) in social media such as Twitter, LinkeIn etc.
FAB uses cookies on our website to improve user experience and for statistical data.

3.    Usage of personal data
FAB only stores data relevant for continued communication, for identification and interactions with the customer such as sending quotes and information about FAB products, delivery of goods and services as well as guarantee future service of equipment, provide technical support, ensure user safety and set up contracts.
The personal data is also stored for warranty purposes and stockholding of spare parts for planning of future demands.
Personal data can be used for handling payments which can involve payment records and credit ratings from credit reporting agencies.
No personal data is collected through cookies on the website.
Transmission of personal data to other companies in the combine or to a third party only occurs if of absolute necessity, for example to perform deliveries of goods from subcontractors directly delivered to the customer or for installations and/or services performed by subcontractors. With these parties there are written agreements guaranteeing the safe handling of person data affected.
Upon demand FAB is by law bound to supply the data requested based on a decision by the authorities.

4.    Legal ground for storing personal data
FAB leans on the following for storing personal data:
•    Contractual necessity to keep the data needed to complete agreements
•    Legitimate interest to keep a record of customers with which FAB has had an active business relationship
•    Record of personal data of customers who have given their consent for storage and how the data can be processed by FAB

5.    How long data is stored
How long personal data is stored depends on the purpose of collecting them and by which laws FAB is bound to store them. As FAB supplies products to warrant the safety of the user in various manners as well as providing products that can potentially be hazardous FAB considers it of vital interest to store the personal data during the warranty time or during the expected technical lifetime of the product. Thereafter maximum up to five (5) years since the last point of contact. During this time FAB will use the personal data to communicate relevant information.
Supplier information is stored as long as the supplier is a registered supplier to FAB and during the expected technical lifetime of the supplied product. Thereafter maximum up to five (5) years after the agreement has been terminated or the last point of contact.
Exceptions are made for legal obligations with a longer time frame.

6.    How we protect your personal data
FAB is very concerned about our customers and suppliers and realise the importance of safe handling of the personal data that is collected and processed. We are continuously working on protecting your integrity and we work on several levels with IT infrastructure, policies and guidelines. We put a lot of weight on preventive work to hinder your data being spread and/or misused.
•    Limitation of access:
Access to your personal data is only given to those employees who need them to execute their work. This minimizes the number of people with access to the data and the risk of misuse.
•    Firewalls and security measurements:
Firewalls and other security infrastructures are applied, such as antivirus programs, to secure our IT environment from breaches.
•    Policies and guidelines
Within FAB there are comprehensive policies and guidelines as to how personal data is handled within the organization. This contributes to a conscious and safe handling of personal data.
•    Serious suppliers
FAB only uses serious and wetted IT solutions and suppliers. The duties of these companies concerning data protection are strengthened towards FAB through legible contracts.

7.    The customer’s rights
As a registered customer you have the right by law to the following:
• That your information is accurate and corrected if wrong

• The right to be forgotten unless there is a legal obligation of FAB to keep your personal data
• The right to object to and restrict how your personal data is processed by FAB
• The right to request all your personal data from FAB in a structured format
• The right to be informed if an incident occurs that could have led to your personal data falling into the wrong hands
If you discover that something is wrong, want to request your data or have them anonymised please contact us at:

FAB Support AB
Älvsbyvägen 8
13952 Värmdö 556509-2896

You have the right to file a complaint concerning the processing of your personal data to: Datainspektionen (

Our company is credit worthy according to Bisnode's credit assessment system that is based on a number of decision rules. This credit rating is updated on a daily basis, and always shows the current rating and date.