Jonas Andersson
Managing Director
08-562 033 30

M.Sc.Eng. and MBA International Business Management. Co-ordinating general sales and overall responsibility for exhaust and process gas purification, III-V materials and metalorganics.

Bengt Andersson
Project Manager
08-562 033 31

Electronic engineer. Founder of FAB Support in 1995. Background in R&D and manufacturing of GaAs wafers and GaAs and Si devices.

Gustav Glans
08-562 033 33

Managing sales of gas detection systems. Background in sales and administration.

Elina Karlsson
Sales Administrator
08-562 033 39

Managing sales of metalorganics and delivery systems, purifiers and scrubbers.

Sai Bhalerao
Sales Administrator
08-562 033 35

Managing sales of purifiers and scrubbers. Documentation and webdesign.

Kristina Bäck
08-562 033 40

Accounts, Personell management.

Ralf Westphalen
Application Specialist
08-562 033 36

Physicist / Dr.rer.nat. (Germany) With 15 years experience as process and service engineer in cleanroom environments for R&D and production of optoelectronic and electronic devices on InP and GaAs. 8 years experience in Germany and France.

Anders Kudynowski
Project Manager
08-562 033 34

Electronic engineer. With over 20 years experience as service engineer of equipment for processing of integrated devices on silicon as well as opto-electronic devices on III/V material.

Tim Ekeblad
Service Technician
08-562 033 38

Gas abatement systems and gas detectors.

Pontus Robles
Service Technician
08-562 033 32

Gas abatement systems and gas detectors.

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