Supplying products and services in and around cleanrooms and laboratories for research and production

  • Active in the semiconductor and III-V industry since 1995
  • Offer a wide range of products and comprehensive services for small and large projects
  • Experienced in gas detection solutions for the semiconductor industry
  • FAB Support has a subsidiary company called FAB detect for all the gas detection activities.


  • Dry bed, exhaust gas purification systems
  • Point-of-use gas purification
  • Metalorganics and precursor delivery systems
  • Monitoring systems for toxic, corrosive and explosive gases



Jonas Andersson
Managing Director

M.Sc.Eng. and MBA International Business Management. Co-ordinating general sales and overall responsibility for exhaust and process gas purification, III-V materials and metalorganics.

Bengt Andersson
Project Manager

Electronic engineer. Founder of FAB Support in 1995. Background in R&D and manufacturing of GaAs wafers and GaAs and Si devices.

Gustav Glans

Managing sales of gas detection systems. Background in sales and administration.

Sara Wengström

M.Sc.Eng. (Macromolecular materials). Manages sales of metalorganics and delivery systems, purifiers and scrubbers. Background in sales and events.

Anders Kudynowski
Project Manager

Electronic engineer. With 20 years experience as service engineer of equipment for processing of integrated devices on silicon as well as opto-electronic devices on III/V material.

Ralf Westphalen
Application Specialist

Physicist / Dr.rer.nat. (Germany) With 15 years experience as process and service engineer in cleanroom environments for R&D and production of optoelectronic and electronic devices on InP and GaAs. 8 years experience in Germany and France.

Kristina Bäck

Accounts, Personell management.

Tim Ekeblad

Gas abatement systems and gas detectors